Afurada Boiler Repair Company

Boiler Assistance 24-Hours – Repair, Maintenance e Sale

Afurada Boiler Assistance 24H, is a licensed boiler technical house assistance. The vast experience and knowledge in the sector, combined with a highly qualified and specialized technical staff, allows us to carry out all types of intervention in domestic and industrial gas and diesel boilers.


When your boiler shows an anomaly or error code, know that you can count on with our technical team.

We have accredited professionals, equipped with the latest techniques and equipment.

If you live in Afurada, request your reliable technical assistance now!

Above all... BricoVitor, is a 100% portuguese benchmark company!
Don't run out of hot water we'll solve it on the day.

Afurada Boiler Repair Company,

BricoVitor, the excellence of an assistance!

Afurada Boiler Assistance line – (+351) 936408200


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Afurada Boiler Repair

Here, you will find the boiler service professional suitable for your problem. We seek to provide a quality service, which will surely meet all your requirements!

For example, we know that the breakdown of a heating equipment causes many inconveniences in the daily routine. Therefore, BricoVitor – Afurada Boiler Assistance – has a permanent 24-hour service, exclusively at home.

Whatever the situation, our boiler repair service is at your disposal, in order to return your equipment to normal, efficient and high-performance operation.

Your need, is our priority!

Boiler Technician

Afurada Boiler Assistance offers a wide range of services, aimed at those looking for a certified intervention to their central heating equipment, whether gas or diesel.

Above all, only entrust your boiler to an accredited technician. At BricoVitor you will find the best professionals, at the best prices!

Therefore, request your assistance now and your problem will be resolved in less than 24 hours.

Boiler Assistance Company

First, we send a boiler technician to your home, equipped with exclusive parts and accessories for your boiler brand. They repair your equipment, on time and in the place.

Now, note the most important: The use of original parts in the repair, ensures the reliable operation of the boiler, as well as the quality of the manufacturer.

On a permanent 24-hour basis and covering a wide geographic area, we are the closest technical assistance service to you.

Multi Brand Boiler Assistance

As a result of more than a decade of experience, BricoVitor’s professionals are specialists in multi-brands, which allows us to provide a versatile and quality service!







Ariston  Afurada Boiler Repair Company,


Saunier Duval   



Nova Flórida  





Zantia   Buderus   

Wolf   Domusa   

Lasian   Biasi   

BaxiRoca   Tifell

Afurada Boiler Repair Company,

Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Maintenance, in Afurada is one of the many services that BricoVitor has at your disposal. A Equipment in constant operation, certainly used throughout the year, should be subject to intervention, for a general overhaul.

BricoVitor´s team advises to carry out maintenance annually and preferably before the beginning of winter. In this way, the quality of operation will be guaranteed at the time when the machine will be used the most.

Maintenance prevents lightning failures and ensures the vitality and efficiency of your equipment.

How to know if the boiler needs maintenance?

    • Radiators do not heat up;
    • Air in the pipes;
    • Water loss from radiators;
    • Error code on the boiler digital display;
    • Boiler with pilot light off;
    • Boiler with water loss;
    • Central heating with loose piping.

Did you know that maintenance is one of the most important procedures?!

CALL 931150000

Afurada Boiler Sale

We are representatives of the Immergas brand – one of the largest manufacturers in terms of boilers/heaters in Europe. The boilers installed by BricoVitor are guaranteed for up to 5 years and include 24-hour assistance.

BricoVitor sells boilers and installs them on the same day.  If your boiler is old and you think it’s time to replace it, know that we have boilers in stock from all Immergas models for immediate delivery and installation.

Afurada Boiler Instalattion

Do you want to purchase a central heating boiler? Above all, choose your central heating equipment, according to the conditions of your home, whether apartment or townhouse.

It may be a bigger investment initially… However, a more efficient boiler ensures savings in the medium and long term.

In short: BricoVitor at your side, for the best possible advice! Find out how it feels to have a service of trust, excellence and professionalism!Afurada Boiler Repair Company,

Boiler Assistance

You can trust on us!

Our boiler assistance service was created, above all, with you and your safety in mind. As they are gas equipment, they require extra care. A little carelessness can put your family and home in jeopardy. So you can trust our repair and maintenance service!

Boiler Emergency

Do you have a problem with your boiler?

Is your boiler broken?

BricoVitor is always the Solution!

For example, we are able to work with all brands and models on the market. All our service stations have original parts and accessories, exclusive to the most diverse brands of boilers. In other words, with BricoVitor, the quality of the manufacturer is always assured.

In addition, all of our boiler repair services are backed by a 30-day warranty.


With BricoVitor – Boiler Assistance, feel safe with the service you request!

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