Madalena Water Heater Repair Company

Madalena Water Heater Assistance

Madalena Water Heater Assistance – with more than 15 years in the home assistance market, the company BricoVitor stands out for its professionalism and expertise, having a team that includes accredited professionals.

Available 24 hours a day, throughout the year. We provide assistance to water heaters, in Madalena.

At BricoVitor you can find the most diverse services, from repair to maintenance. Our technical team is willing to answer all of our customers’ doubts and is able to carry out any type of intervention on your equipment.

Madalena Water Heater Repair Company,

Madalena Boiler Assistance line – (+351) 936408200


Call 931150000    |     210 006 109     |       220 035 909


Madalena Water Heaters Technical Assistance Company

Madalena Water Heaters Assistance – Our company provides a wide range of services, including water heater assistance, repair, maintenance, installation and sale of all types of heaters. In all services, our professionals are only authorized to apply material recommended by the brand itself, in order to guarantee the quality of the manufacturer.

On a 24-hour basis, we have a quality service, with a certified technical team, able to solve your problem. Don’t run out of hot water. BricoVitor is the Solution! Only entrust your equipment to specialized professionals, duly qualified to handle gas equipments.

We work with all types of water heaters on the market:

  • Condenser Heater;
  • Ventilated Heater;
  • Atmospheric Heater;
  • Thermostatic Heater;
  • Automatic Heater;
  • Manual Heater;
  • Electric Heater;
  • Battery Heater;
  • Hydrogenerator Heater;
  • Propane Gas Heater;
  • Natural Gas Heater;
  • Heater Compatible with Solar Panels;
  • Thermal Accumulator Assistance,

Madalena Multi Brand Assistance

We provide assistance to the most diverse brands on the market:

Vulcano  Heater Technical Assistance

Immergas  Heater Technical Assistance

Bosch  Heater Technical Assistance

Vaillant  Heater Technical Assistance

Orima  Heater Technical Assistance 

Beretta  Heater Technical Assistance 

Riello  Heater Technical Assistance

Becken  Heater Technical Assistance

Whirlpool  Heater Technical Assistance

Consul  Heater Technical Assistance

Ferroli  Heater Technical Assistance

Chaffoteaux  Heater Technical Assistance

Ariston  Heater Technical Assistance

Saunier Duval  Heater Technical Assistance  

Beko  Heater Technical Assistance

Fagor  Carcavelos Water Heater Repair Company

Thermital  Heater Technical Assistance 

Cointra  Heater Technical Assistance

Water Heater Sale

Water Heater Installation

Looking to buy a water heater? Know that there are several brands and models, for different prices and all types of rooms. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose! BricoVitor works with the most diverse brands of water heaters on the market, from north to south of the country. All our professionals are willing to help you choose the equipment that best suits your needs, as well as the needs of your home.

In a maximum space of 24 hours, 96% of the equipments we sell are properly installed. Our company ensures a quick and efficient installation of water heaters, in accordance with all safety criteria. To avoid any inconvenience in your daily routine, we work on an extended schedule, allowing the installation of new equipment at any time of the day/night, according to your availability. Madalena Water Heater Repair Company,

Madalena Water Heater Repair
Madalena Water Heater Technician

Problems with your water heater? Does the heater not start? Turns on but no hot water? Don’t run out of hot water… BricoVitor is the solution! 89% of our interventions are resolved on the same day. We have qualified professionals, as well as properly equipped assistance cars, so that the repair is carried out in a short time.

We work with the most diverse brands of water heaters on the national market, we also carry out gas conversions, as well the calibration so that it works in the proper conditions.

Madalena Water Heater Maintenance

All domestic or industrial equipment is worthy of preventive maintenance in order to avoid greater and much more expensive damage.

To ensure the proper functioning of your water heater and prevent some of the most frequent failures of your sanitary water heating equipment, BricoVitor recommends carrying out periodic annual maintenance. This will ensure greater safety on the device, as well as a longer service life.

CALL 931150000

In the maintenance of a water heater, some procedures are taken, such as:

  • Burner cleaning;
  • Injector cleaning;
  • Replacement of gas hoses;
  • Valve cleaning;
  • Battery replacement;
  • Cleaning of hydro-generators;
  • Limestone cleaning.


Above all... BricoVitor, is a 100% portuguese benchmark company! Don't run out of hot water we'll solve it on the day.
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